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Show Off Straps


I’m constantly asked, when are you launching your jewelry invention? Well, there were a lot of obstacles. First, we had to get this manufactured and we wanted to manufacture our invention in the USA. Difficult is an understatement. I’ve been told many times that we will never make it if we manufacture in the USA. So, how did we do it? Through persistence and strong will, I met Michael Catuto who worked in the jewelry industry and became a consultant. He worked with the big names such as Liz Claiborn, Trifari, and more. Michael opened a door for us, a great big double door.

With Michael on our team, we are now ready to bring our jewelry invention to market … to you!!

But now there’s been another turn of events, I drove Michael to retirement!! He is retiring from the jewelry industry to volunteer for various nonprofit organizations. He got our invention manufactured and now it’s his turn to do all the things he’s always wanted to do.

We will miss working with Michael and will always be appreciative for all he’s done for us. We consider Michael and Christine to be forever our friends.

Michael designed the special limited edition Poinsettia Crystal Link™ for Christmas. He is a talented jewelry designer.

Thank You, Michael !!

Susan & Mike