Frequently Asked Questions

Is Show Off Straps made in the USA?

Yes!! Show Off Straps is manufactured in Rhode Island which used to be the Fashion Jewelry Capital of the World before the jewelry industry was outsourced to China. We manufacture our jewelry in the USA.

What kind of crystals do you use?

Read My Blog for this answer. Click Here

What is Show Off Straps?

Show Off Straps is a patented jewelry invention, created to solve a sizing problem that many women have. By connecting Rhinestone Chains to Crystal Links™ you can make any length Bracelet, Necklace, Belt or Bra Straps. Once you have all the Rhinestone Chains you need simply add Crystal Links™ to your collection. Crystal Links™ are offered in a many colors and styles. Special limited edition Crystal Links™ will be offered regularly. Crystal Links™ are interchangeable so you can change the color and design of your Crystal Links™ to match your outfits.

How do I connect the pieces?

Rhinestone Chains connect to Crystal Links™ continuously. The connection on each end of the Rhinestone Chain is called a tongue. Crystal Links™ are boxes that are open on both ends. Press down on the tongue and slide it into the Crystal Link™. You must be pressing down to slide it all the way into the Crystal Link™. It will be securely fastened together.

How do I take the pieces apart?

To take your jewelry apart, press down on the tongue while sliding it out of the Crystal Link™. You must press down on the tongue while sliding it in and out of the Crystal Links™.

What lengths are the Rhinestone Chains?

Rhinestone Chains come in many different lengths and they all connect together to Crystal Links™ the same way. Rhinestone Chains can range from 1” to 10” in length.

Can I collect Crystal Links™ ?

Crystal Links™ are collectible. Once you have all the Rhinestone Chains you need, simply add Crystal Links™ to your collection. Special Limited Edition Designs and Colors will be offered, all made with Swarovski® Crystal.

Are Crystal Links™ interchangeable?

Yes!! Change your Crystal Links™ to match your outfits. Wearing a red dress, change them to Red … Wearing a blue dress, change them to Blue.

How will I know how many Crystal Links™ and Rhinestone Chains I need?

All you do is measure, click on your length, and the computer takes care of how many pieces you need for your length. Click on these video links and you will see how easy it is to measure for your length.

These videos can also be seen in two other places
(1) Video Gallery
(2) Product Pages where you choose your Color and Length.

Why do I have to measure standing up?

Because when you sit down your Rhinestone Bra Straps will loosen and when you stand up they will tighten.

What if I cannot stand up?

If you cannot stand, or are in a wheelchair, then measure sitting down.

What if my shoulders are different due to scoliosis or an accident?

Then measure each shoulder separately and order your bra straps one at a time, for two different lengths.

Can I adjust my jewelry to fit me if I gain or lose weight?

You can make your jewelry shorter or longer by simply adding a piece or taking away a piece, or pieces, you can make your jewelry any length you want.

Will this jewelry snag my clothes?

Show Off Straps® will never snag your clothes. Safe to Wear with all fabrics including sheer and lace fabrics.

Does Show Off Straps® contain nickel?

Show Off Straps® does not contain any nickel, it’s NICKEL FREE! So many women are allergic to nickel which causes an allergic reaction irritating their skin, that’s why we manufacture our jewelry with NO NICKEL.

Is Show Off Straps® lead compliant?

Yes!! All of our Swarovski® Crystal Rhinestones are Premium, First Quality, Lead Free Crystal Rhinestones.

Is Show Off Straps® comfortable to wear as bra straps?

Absolutely Yes!! Our Rhinestone Chains are very lightweight and smooth against your skin. So, they are very comfortable.

Why do you sell bra straps one at a time?

Because many women only want to buy one bra strap for their one shoulder top or dress. If you want a pair, simply increase the quantity to 2 on the summary page before you add it your cart.

What if I’m large busted and can’t wear a strapless bra.

NOW YOU CAN !!! Attach our Rhinestone Bra Straps to any size strapless bra. Your strapless bra now has beautiful straps!! No matter what size bra you wear, you can now wear any style fashions you desire. Comfortably wear strapless, one shoulder, halter, tank tops, cold shoulder, spaghetti straps, off the shoulder, all the tops and dresses that show your shoulders. Show off your shoulders with Show Off Straps® Rhinestone Bra Straps!!

Can Show Off Straps® be worn with casual outfits?

YES!! Dress It Down!! Add a touch of Swarovski® Crystal to your casual tops, tank tops, spaghetti straps, halters, off the shoulder. Give it that Flash Dance Look!! Wear a little sparkle with your Jeans!!

What styles of special occasion fashions can I wear Show Off Straps® with?

Dress It Up!! Formal, Semi Formal, Wedding Gowns, Brides, Bridesmaids, Mother of the Bride, Mother of the Groom, Prom, Quinceañera, Sweet 16, Pageants, Dance Attire, Ballroom, Tango, Salsa, etc. You will get a lot of compliments with Swarovski® Crystals Sparkling Over Your Shoulders & Down Your Back!! ™

Can I order pieces separately?

Yes!! You can purchase Rhinestone Chains, Crystal Links™ and Crystal Hooks™ separately. There are Rhinestone Chains in many lengths and Crystal Links™ in a variety of styles and colors. We will also offer Special Limited Edition designs and colors.

Do all of your earrings have a 14K gold post?

Yes!! All of our earrings have a 14K gold post and are nickel free. There are many women who are allergic to nickel and can only wear gold posts.

How do I clean this jewelry?

Oil from your skin will get on your jewelry. Clean your jewelry with warm water, no soap. Gently pat dry and let the rest air dry flat on a towel.

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