About Show Off Straps®


Show Off Straps® is a utility patented multi-way jewelry system designed and invented by Susan Ratcliff, to solve a sizing problem, and manufactured in the USA.

Show Off Straps® is snag free and will not ruin your clothes; nickel free (most allergies are due to nickel); lead compliant; durable, comfortable and they sparkle !!!

By connecting Rhinestone Chains to Crystal Links™ you can make any length bra straps, bracelets, necklaces or belts.

You can also change the color of your Crystal Links™ to match your outfits. Crystal Links™ are collectible and come in a variety of designs and colors.

Don’t put back that dress you would love to wear because your bra straps will show. You can wear any dress you want !!! Show Off Straps® will become part of your outfit while comfortably holding up your bra. Problem Solved !!!

Small or large wrist? Make any length bracelet you want simply by connecting Rhinestone Chains to Crystal Links™. Problem Solved !!!

Wear your belt anywhere you want by adding chains or taking away chains. Fabulous !!!

When worn as bra straps they are smooth, durable and comfortable enough to move with you while holding up your bra. They are wonderful !!!

Show Off Straps® are completely embellished from front to back … sparkling over your shoulders and down your back !!!

Be prepared for a lot of compliments !!!